RULES OF SURVIVAL is an Action game which is developed by NetEase Games.Welcome to the arena of RULES OF SURVIVAL. You will be one out of 120 unarmed players who get air-dropped into a vast, deserted island. Only the last one survives.Remember, your safe zone is diminishing. You are racing against poison gas spreading, enemies shooting, and ultimately death chasing.You could either fight alone or form a small team up to 4 players. Collect weapons scattered, arm yourself to the teeth, wield your wisdom and tactics, loot gear from the unlucky.This is not just about a game. This is a life & death fighting.

You are free to fight alone or create a small team of up to4 players. Then collect the scattered weapons, arm yourself, wield your tactics & wisdom and loot gear from other unlucky players. So are you ready to take part in this life and death fighting game? Do you think that you have what it takes to eliminate every single enemy out there? Then you need to install Rules of Survival for PC.


Download RULES OF SURVIVAL on Android Mobile and Tablet:


There are a variety of adventure games on Google Play Store and App Store that can be installed on PC, but none have proven to be as amazing and as realistic as Rules of Survival for PC. Here are what makes this survival game to be considered as the best adventure game on the market;

  • Run or Fight.
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The best part about survival games is that players have plenty of huge worlds to survive and enemies to kill. Rules of Survival for PC come with an absolute fair play, where you have the freedom to run or fight, thanks to its vast HD map.

  • The Last Man Stands.

Whether you participate in the Solo or 4-Team mode, the rule of this 120 survivor’s battle game states that only the last man stands.

  • Pick and Use Unlimited Weapons.

The only way to survive in this crazy frenzy is to collect as many weapons as you can and fight as many opponents as possible. There are a variety of firearms & accessories randomly spread out in the world that you’ll have to pick to use. Note that apart from arming yourself, you can also use your fists to fight for survival.

  • Fast & Furious.

You’ll be driving vehicles on different terrains.

Run Apps & Games on PC:

First, you have to download any of these emulators that are given below and then you are able to play and enjoy apps and games on your PC and window.So don’t late and it’s time to make your day and play your app in full fun environment.

Downloads Required:

Leapdroid: Link

Remix OS: Link

Genymotion: Link

These Emulators help you to run your apps on your PC. The emulator replaces the touch technology of mobile devices with simple mouse buttons and keyboard controls. Most games and apps use the mouse as the primary input device however some apps require keyboards.

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Download & Install RULES OF SURVIVAL for PC Windows & MAC using APK File:

  1. Download RULES OF SURVIVAL APK file on your PC.
  2. Download any of the emulators mentioned in above methods i.e Remix OS.
  3. Right-click the downloaded APK and Open it.
  4. List of programs will be presented, choose any of the installed emulators.
  5. APK will be installed on the chosen emulator.
  6. Open the emulator and locate “RULES OF SURVIVAL”.
  7. Left click the application to run it, follow on-screen instructions & enjoy.

RULES OF SURVIVAL for PC is available for Windows 7,8,8.1,10, XP or Mac OS X. Download RULES OF SURVIVAL APK and run it on a computer using this guide.

Download RULES OF SURVIVAL on iPhone and Tablet:

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