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SanDisk launches world’s fastest flash drive with SSD speed

SanDisk launched on Wednesday (4) in Las Vegas during CES 2017 a new flash drive that promises to be the fastest on the market today. The Extreme Pro model is a true ultra-compact SSD, according to the manufacturer, which offers ultra-high transfer speeds.

The device reaches up to 420 MB / s of read and 380 MB / s of recording, enough to move a heavy 4K video to the external memory in approximately 15 seconds. The device is equipped with USB 3.1 connection and also compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.

SanDisk launches world's fastest flash drive with SSD speed

The solid-state pendrive is so fast that it can be used to run entire operating systems without the usual slowness of common HDs. According to SanDisk , the product offers the same storage reliability than a standard SSD.

In addition, the manufacturer offers software features that make it easy to use the pendrive as a backup drive. It is compatible with SecureAccess technology, which allows you to encrypt files with a 128-bit key. In addition, shoppers get a free download of the RescuePro Deluxe program to safely record and retrieve data.

The SanDisk Extreme Pro pendrive will be offered in 256GB or 128GB versions from the end of January for $ 180, equivalent to $ 578 in direct conversion for the current quote, excluding taxes.

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