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Siri: Some useful and funny tips

Siri: Some useful and funny tips

You own an iPhone, and you’ve never used Siri, the famous voice assistant Apple?Do you find it strange to talk to your smartphone, and you never dared to jump?Yet, Siri offers many features that can help you and simplify your everyday life.To give you an overview, here are some of them that may make you change your mind.

Teach Siri not to scratch your name:

One can understand that you are fed up with having your name flayed, and that, upset, you do not want to talk to Siri, ever again.While you can simply teach him to pronounce it correctly.

 To do this, simply say: ” Learn to pronounce my name “

Search your photos:

If you like to store lots of photos on your device, you know that it is sometimes difficult to find one or more photos of a specific moment of your life, including your vacation.
If you have enabled the geolocation of your camera, Siri can find where you took some pictures, and you can tell him:
” Show me my photos of (place where the photos were taken) ”

It will show you the photos in question in no time.

Ask Siri to shoot face-to-face:

A funny feature that will not serve you often, but who knows?
Siri can shoot to coin to see! Just ask him ” Pile or face “, and he will show you a random answer.

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Have Siri recite a haiku:

If you are bored, you can ask your assistant to read you a short Japanese poem (called a Haiku).

Tell him: ” Read me a Haiku ”

Ask Siri to call an Uber:

If you have installed the application, and you have an account at Uber, you can ask Siri directly to call you one.
Tell him ” I need an Uber “, and he’ll do the rest, he’ll even ask you what type of Uber you prefer (a pool, X or whatever).

Ask Siri questions about football:

You may not know it, but Siri is stuck in football.
Ask him anything (not too much) about a match, a player, or a future match program, and he can answer you.

Find the nearest gas station on your route:

If you are at the end of your gas tank, and you are driving, you can simply tell Siri: ” I have no more gas, ” and this one will show you gas stations the closest to you.

Use Siri as a corrector:

Do you have a doubt about the spelling of a word? Do not panic, ask Siri: ” How do you write the word (your word)? ”
He will then show you the exact spelling.

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Funny questions to ask Siri:

If you are bored, you can ask funny questions and even talk to Siri (if you have not already done so!), And admire the far-fetched answers he will offer you.

  • Who’s your father?
  • Why?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Blah-blah-blah-blah
  • How old are you?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • Tell me a poetry.
  • Make me love!
  • Would you marry me?
  • What are you doing at Christmas?
  • Tell me a funny story.
  • Do you want to sleep with me tonight?

So, these are some useful and funny tips you can do with the Siri.Try all of these and give your feedback to us.

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