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Smartphones coming in 2017

2016 has been an excellent year for smartphones with increased quality in all price brackets, and many manufacturers stepping on the accelerator of innovation. Next year it seems that the trend will not only continue.

We will see a generalized design change in high-end smartphones with new components and technologies. But it does not seem that there will be radical changes with folding screens or a radical increase in battery life.

Smartphones coming in 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8:

In spring, the new Korean star terminal will arrive with which they will try not only to recover from the problems of Note 7 but also to show the world that they can go further. Sources close to the assembly indicate that the next Galaxy S8 eliminate the traditional start button giving way to fingerprint sensors located under the glass in the bottom frame.

Frames that will be reduced dramatically so that more than likely increase in screen size is more comfortable to digest by customers. If the sources are correct, there will be two models with 5.7 and 6.2 inches respectively. As for the audio, the S8 would say goodbye to the port of the headphones like the current iPhone, and would instead host a second speaker.

iPhone 7s / iPhone 8:

Although Apple is often very restrained by the changes in its iPhone, it is possible that the model’s 10th anniversary is reason enough to take a clear leap in design. The rumor mill is unclear yet, still, missing months for Apple requested increase production of components to its suppliers. The jump to OLED displays could be one of the new developments at the component level.

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With nothing remotely close to an informal confirmation, assumptions run: change the start button for ubiquitous recognition system footprint on the screen and the arrival of dual camera 4.7 – inch model add to the eternal rumor a third model of iPhone even more expensive with better specifications.

Smartphones coming in 2017

LG G6:

Across Seoul, LG would reverse its plans for a modular phone in the LG G6. Surely it will be presented in February during the MWC 2017 in Barcelona would come with an integrated battery, wireless charge and an iris scanner like the Galaxy Note 7.

It would not receive the extra screen of his brother the LG V20, that would have the same screen that the LG G5 in size, resolution, and technology. Korean sources are also talking about keeping the double camera with a wide angle that has worked so well this year, although they could go further with a larger sensor.

Smartphones coming in 2017


Beyond these three terminals, it is difficult to know what will come. Windows 10 compatible with the ARM architecture could attract manufacturers to the operating system, including Microsoft itself with the highly anticipated, and also very hypothetical, Surface Phon e.

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Other manufacturers like Motorola, Huawei, Sony, HTC or Xiaomi will be difficult to surprise being somewhat more restrained in terms of production refer e. We could see the start of smartphones that are doubled in some model of Samsung or LG but would be more within the field of prototypes with small runs like the Xiaomi Mi Mix this year.

Finally, the return of Nokia could give a return to the mid-range if the public receives the price and terminals well.

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