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Snapchat Spectacles: a disaster on the arms

Snapchat shows are not selling well, with hundreds of thousands of unsold units.Read Also: Vivo X20 Plus: the new Chinese borderless soon to be released.

Snapchat, your golden age seems on the decline. Although the application is still used a lot, especially among the youngest of us, it was quickly ousted from the top of the podium by Instagram and the arrival of his stories and filters. But Snap had more than one trick in his bag to meet this new challenge: new features within the app and accessories a little crazier.

Snapchat Spectacles

Among these, the connected glasses of the name of Spectacles or a drone specialized in selfies. If the latter is still in the project stage, the Spectacles were launched this year. Unfortunately, it’s a failure of California society.

Last winter, Snap Inc. offered a colorful pair of glasses to capture your best moments and share them directly on the social network.

Unfortunately, according to the media information, sales have not been very beneficial, even opening this market to a wider audience.

The CEO, Evan Spiegel, announced recently that only 150,000 of these accessories have found takers. In fact, the company is mostly with hundreds of thousands of unsold units.

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What will Snap do with these products stored in their warehouses? Hard to know for the moment, but the CEO wants to reassure himself and bet more on the future :

”  Our vision is that the Spectacles will become important objects of the user experience in a decade perhaps “. Yes, everything is in the “maybe”.

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