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Snapchat swallows his words: targeted ads arrive

Snapchat, in their struggle to survive the open wound that has caused Instagram Stories, still in search of a better monetization model. Although, initially he born without any advertising contained therein was gradually introducing advertising campaigns that would allow profitable the more than 150 million daily active users of those who bragged in 2016, just before Stories jump To the lecture

It seems that these advertising campaigns are not being enough and the company, which is about the time of IPO , need more profitability. Therefore, the social network has joined targeted advertising model -from both renegaban- already present in Facebook since time immemorial, with which you can offer campaigns tailored to the needs of target audience for advertisers.

Snapchat swallows his words: targeted ads arrive

As reported by The Wall Street Journal , the company Evan Spiegel has signed an agreement with Oracle Data Cloud, formerly known as Datalogix, which allow advertisers to access external data users Snapchat, in order to run their campaigns Those who are part of your potential audience and target.


This advertising system also allows advertisers to better refine campaigns launched and to obtain more concise about their impact on users metrics. The oddest thing about this whole thing is that a couple of years, Spiegel, does the CEO of a company, completely rejecting this kind of cross them practices “creepy” by the sharing user data with third parties, but seems to have Changed his mind to forced march.

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