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Snapdragon 855: Qualcomm starts preparing its chip engraved in 7nm

According to Roland Quandt, Qualcomm began working on the development of the Snapdragon 855 mobile processor. This new chip would be etched in 7nm, made by TSMC, and 40% more powerful than the Snapdragon 845. The first smartphones equipped with this chip should be available starting in 2019. 

Qualcomm’s next mobile processor will be the Snapdragon 845. According to the latest information in flight, the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the first smartphone to embed the Snapdragon 845 and will benefit from a temporary exclusivity on this new chip engraved in 10nm, like the Galaxy S8 for the Snapdragon 835 in 2017. On October 11, 2017, the leak specialist Roland Quandt reveals that Qualcomm has already started working on the Snapdragon 855.

Quandt holds his LinkedIn profile information from a software engineer named George Fang. This profile reveals that Qualcomm is developing a kernel Linux driver for Snapdragon 845 and Snapdragon 855. The Snapdragon 845 is codenamed Napali v2.0, and the Snapdragon 855 is codenamed Hana v1.0. According to the source, the Snapdragon 855 would be etched in 7nm. Qualcomm would have decided to call on TSMC rather than Samsung to look after its production. It is likely that the first smartphones equipped with a Snapdragon 855 will be marketed in 2019, after a presentation in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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Snapdragon 855: Qualcomm starts preparing its chip engraved in 7nm

Snapdragon 855: a chip 40% more powerful than the Snapdragon 845?

According to previous information leaks, the Snapdragon 855 would offer 30 to 40% better performance, artificial intelligence capabilities, and improved energy efficiency.In addition, it is possible that smartphones equipped with the SD 855 all carry an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen. This technology is already offered by the best Snapdragon chips, but its performance should be improved by the Snapdragon 845, and the Snapdragon 855 should allow its democratization from 2019.

For now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 should be the first smartphone with a built-in fingerprint scanner underneath the screen. Other Android manufacturers seem more determined to copy the facial recognition technology Face ID iPhone X Apple. As a result, fingerprint scanners can only be integrated under an OLED display, and global production is still insufficient to enable all Android manufacturers to equip such screens.

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