In 2016, Netflix was a huge success with its Stranger Things series. The second season of the show will be available at the end of the month and the hype around Mike’s band begins to grow seriously for fans.To stir up this phenomenon, the SVOD platform asked the Texan studio BonusXP to create a mobile game taking up the universe of the series.

Available today, Stranger Things The Game is positioned as a retro game plunging the gamer in the 80s. The player embodies the different characters in the Netflix series, each with its own unique characteristic. On the program: adventure, puzzles, two levels of difficulty, a complete language translation, a tactile interface designed for the mobile, a scoreboard, collectibles, a good dose of fan service and pixel art games on 8 or 16-bit consoles (or a game made with RPG Maker …).

Stranger Things The Game is available for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store and does not include in-app purchases. Try it, it may not look like it, but it is far from bad.

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