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Symantec’s Norton Core Router Promises Security and Wi-Fi Faster

Norton Core, the new Symantec router, was announced on Tuesday (3), and is designed to provide greater security and keep Wi-Fi away from viruses and threats. This is because the device scans all incoming and outgoing data for vulnerabilities.

The process is automated and offers quarantine on a separate network so you do not run the risk of contaminating connected devices. Internet speed is also one of the highlights, with two simultaneous 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, plus the use of the Wi-Fi Wave 2 turbulent standard. And everything can be controlled in the palm of your hand with the application for mobile.

Symantec's Norton Core Router Promises Security and Wi-Fi Faster

Talking about the design, the router brings a well differentiated and modern, spherical polygon shape, in the colors of gold and silver. The proposal is that the signal be sent in several directions at the same time, offering greater coverage. Inside there is still 1GB of RAM and 4GB of Flash eMMC storage. Two USB 3.0 ports and four Gigabit Ethernet network ports are available. The measurements stand at 152.4 x 154.4 x 127 mm. One of the advantages of Norton Core is that it is equipped with a dual 1.7 GHz processor, which promises to offer faster and smoother operation.

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Symantec's Norton Core Router Promises Security and Wi-Fi FasterSymantec's Norton Core Router Promises Security and Wi-Fi Faster

The router also supports up to 2.5 Gbps of speed and has 4 × 4 MU-MIMO technology (802.11ac standard) for maximum bandwidth. This makes it ideal for day-to-day home networking, for those who enjoy watching streaming movies in 4K high resolution or even running online games with heavy graphics. The manufacturer promises faster configurations and management directly on mobile devices through the Android and iOS (iPhone) compatible application.

Symantec's Norton Core Router Promises Security and Wi-Fi Faster

According to Norton, popular for its anti-virus service, about 62% of users keep factory settings of the routers, which may be too simple and even vulnerable to malware attacks. For maximum security it is possible to create in Norton Core a special network for guests, with specific duration of time to stay connected. After that time the person no longer has access to your personal network. Firewall protection, secure personal data and parental control are also available to manage access to certain sites.

Norton Core is in pre-sales in the North American site of Symantec for the price of $ 199 (about US $ 647 in direct conversion), with delivery in the United States. Shipping is planned for 2017 and there is a future manufacturer forecast for product expansion.

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