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The backup of Android 9 Pie is so good that Google can not access it

Google announced a few days ago a breakthrough that we did not know about Android 9 Pie. The security copies that we make on our mobile in the new version of Android have greater security. So good, that Google can not read it.

backup of Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie backups are better:

More than two months have passed since the launch of Android 9 Pie . Although Android reports reveal that it is such a minority version that still has no presence in the broad Android ecosystem, Google continues to reveal some improvements we did not know.

Privacy and security are aspects that usually concern us in each new version of Android. In this new version of Android Google has made some improvements that seem appropriate, and that even make us think about why they had not arrived before:The backup copies will also be better in this new version of Android. This is what Google says in an entry in his security blog.

Starting with Android 9 Pie , the backups in the cloud will be encrypted with a new system that only allows us to have access to it. Something that draws our attention to the article itself is that the encryption password is generated by our own device and we can only access it with our pattern, pin or password, which will not be known by Google. Does this mean that the encryption keys of the previous backup copies were? It gives us a lot to think about.

backup of Android 9 Pie

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On Google servers, but using a special security chip:

And what is the key to making the encryption of the new backup copies so secure? Google has it clear, and it’s their Titan security chip that is in the new Pixel 3 and Pixel Slate, a chip which we tell you all the details a few days ago.

This chip includes a high security encryption, whose key is unique for each chip and is generated in the manufacturing process. Using the FIDO protocol, this chip is able to offer security in the following scenarios:

  • Safe start
  • Lock screen.
  • Storage encryption.
  • Integrity of the operating system.

As we already told you in the article, this chip is present in the new Pixel 3 and Pixel Slate, but what will happen with the rest of devices that do not have this integrated security chip?

backup of Android 9 Pie

Google has made a large investment in their data centers, and every cloud backup made by a mobile phone with Android Pie will be encrypted on Google servers with a dedicated Titan chip for each user.

Even though the security chips are located in Google’s data centers, the decryption key will be the password of our mobile . This remote access to a dedicated security chip is the reason why this new security is only possible in Android Pie.

This technology of remote access to a security chip only works on Android 9 Pie.

An improvement that will take to reach the whole world:

Although Android 9 Pie has been on the market for two months, the latest reports indicate that it is still a version that has not reached a minimum percentage to be considered in the statistics.

Interestingly, the adoption of Android 9 Pie is being faster than that of Oreo in its day , and is that in the period of time that the first mobile Google did not receive Android Oreo (Sony Xperia XZ Premium), Android Pie has reached 5 mobile, and keeps coming to more and more.

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