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The best tricks for your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

The new iPhone X is clearly the spearhead of Apple. But the new iPhones 8 are still a big update. They come loaded with news, although many are bent on calling them “iPhone 7 updates”.There are many new, interesting and useful things on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. These are the tips and tricks you should know and that will make you the daily experience with your new iPhone much more friendly.Solution: I reserved an iPhone X, what do I do now?

Transfer data to the new iPhone wirelessly:

Here is a solid reason to upgrade your old iPhone to iOS 11 before selling it or passing it to a family member. iOS 11 has a new auto-configuration feature where you can start using your new iPhone simply by bringing it closer to your previous iPhone.Scan the new iPhone using the camera of your old iPhone, authenticate and Apple will transfer the data, settings and other content to your new device. Even your passwords will be synchronized over a secure connection.This means you no longer need to use iTunes to back up your iPhone and then restore it to your new phone.

best tricks for your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Toggle True Tone:

True Tune, a feature that already has the iPad Pro and is finally available on the iPhone.This feature changes the color temperature of the screen depending on your environment. Therefore, if you find yourself in a dimly lit place the screen of your phone will have a warm tone.Unless you have expressly disabled this feature during configuration, it is enabled by default for all. But you may want to turn it off quickly if the feature does not work as advertised in your current environment.

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Simply slide up from the bottom to bring up the new Control Center, then touch and hold the Shimmer bar. Here, at the bottom, you will find the True Tone button. Touch to deactivate the function.

Portrait of live lighting on the camera:

You can add and edit the effects of vertical lighting after taking pictures. If you go to the Photos app, click the Edit button and you will see the portrait lighting carousel at the bottom. Go passing through them to change the effects.

Use one-handed keyboard on iPhone 8 Plus:

The iPhone 8 Plus is sometimes too wide to use comfortably with one hand. The new iOS 11 keyboard has a solution for you. Touch and hold the Globe button and then select the keyboard icon attached to left or right. The keyboard will shrink from the opposite edge. To return to the full-size keyboard, touch the empty block next to the keyboard.

Uses the new photo and video formats:

iOS 11 has new file formats for photos and videos. The new ones, called HEIF and HEVC, are much more efficient and can provide the same quality with less than 50 percent of the storage space. Go to Settings> Camera> Formats and switch to High Efficiency.

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Use Do Not Disturb While Driving:

This feature can save lives. Once enabled, this feature automatically turns on when you drive and connect your Bluetooth iPhone to the car. It prevents you from accessing your phone and turns off notifications unless they are urgent. We recommend that you activate it since it facilitates a lot of driving by allowing you to go more concentrated.

What did you think of these tricks? Do you think they make your day to day easier with your new iPhone?

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