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The hidden functions of Facebook that will make your life more useful

When you wake up every morning we are sure that you do not conceive the idea of a world without Facebook. Its daily use makes you think you are a master of the social network, but we tell you that there are some hidden tricks that you can take advantage of to get the most out of it and improve your user experience.

From hidden emojis to blank publications, here are some hints of hidden or little-known functions that you can use.

Blank text:

Since its inception, Facebook does not let its users post a blank post, but by typing the key combination @ [3: 3] from your smartphone or ALT 0173 on your computer’s numeric keypad, you can place a message without saying anything.

Emojis secrets:

Currently, Facebook offers a variety of emojis to make your post or chats more attractive. But there is some emojis that maybe you did not know, like the following ones:

(y) = thumbs up, the “like” symbol

(^^^) = white shark

(“) = A penguin

How to attach files:

With Facebook, it is also possible to attach files, as well as what you do by means of your email or WhatsApp. To achieve this, just send these files through Messenger chat, it’s that easy.

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Make a backup:

Is it possible to save all your Facebook photos and contacts? Yes! There is that option, you only have to go to Configuration, General and click on “Download a copy of your information”.

hidden functions of Facebook

Two-step authentication:

If security is your biggest fear as far as your account is concerned you can take extreme precautions with two-step authentication. This in order to add one more verification to verify that you really are the one that accesses your account. To activate it, go to Settings, Security, and Login, Configure additional security.

How to get rid of annoying advertising:

The main business of Facebook is advertising, therefore, the social network detects your interests by simply clicking on any publication.

But this you can modify. Go to Settings, Ads and then, Your interests.

There you can delete those topics that do not interest you, as well as choose the categories of ads that you want to see on your wall every time you access it.

Hope you Like these hidden tips and tricks which you have not done before.Now try all of these whiles using facebook and become a master.

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