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The iPhone X will have its own version of iOS 11.2

iPhone X will have its own version of iOS 11.2

The iPhone X Apple is here and is here to stay. The 10th-anniversary smartphone will revolutionize the way iPhone users interact with iOS mobile software. And this will continue to happen with the models of future generations.

The new design of the iPhone X makes the device requires other functions and even tactile gestures. By not having the physical start button and having a completely different screen size, obviously, you need other types of updates.

That is why Apple has recently released a beta version of iOS 11.2 dedicated specifically to the iPhone X. Remember that this update of iOS 11.2 introduces compatibility with AirPlay 2, support Sirikit for HomePod, new wallpapers, new animations for Live Photos, the reproduction of content on the Apple TV via the Control Center and the withdrawal of animations to correct a bug in the Calculator app.

The beta of iOS 11.2 for iPhone X:

iPhone X will have its own version of iOS 11.2

Apple introduced its beta version of iOS 11.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch a few days ago, during the past week. But the company of the bitten apple did not offer a version for iPhone X.

Now that the new next-gen smartphone with OLED screen is on the market, it already has its own version of iOS 11.2. If you have already purchased your brand new iPhone X and want to try this beta, you can do it from the Apple Developer Center.

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Looking ahead, it is likely that the iPhone X has its own version of iOS due to the differences it has with respect to other devices of the firm: screen size, top front frame, no start button, Animojis, facial recognition, etc …

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