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This happens to your phone when you listen to music when you shower

Let’s be honest: one of life’s greatest pleasures is to listen to music while we bath. Of course, for this, we have to use the smartphone. However, this common practice that we usually perform on a daily basis can be very damaging to our mobile device.

Let’s see why …

When you take a bath with hot water it generates steam to which the phone is exposed. When this steam returns to its original state it turns back into the water and quickly attaches to the charging station, to the 3.5 Jack connector (headphone jack) and to the microphone.

This water vapor condenses in these ports and for sure you can imagine what happens when you expose metallic components to water, right? If not, here we explain: water makes its way into the internal circuits of the mobile creating rust and short circuits that deteriorate the operation of the cell until it is completely useless.

using mobile in bath

But all is not lost, because for this to happen, the phone must have been exposed to steam for long periods of time and repeatedly. A single bathroom is not enough to damage your phone, but several followed, yes.

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And if you are thinking: my phone has IP68 certification (against water and dust), let us tell you that with that you will only prolong for a short period the life of the device since it only protects it in an extreme situation where it is affected for these elements, such as a rain or falling in a pool approximately 1.5 meters deep. If your device does not have this certification, of course, it is much more dangerous to be damaged if you use it while you shower.

In conclusion, listening to music with your phone while you bathe is not a good idea because as you know, electronics and water do not get carried away.

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