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Tip:Save your tweets for later

Nowadays its become trend of doing tweet in a twitter.But some important fact that you really don’t know about this kind of apps is becoming a threat to you.As the app become update then you also have to update yourself with this app.So take this tip and become your life easy.The Twitter warned know well: save a tweet or a thread for later reading is not really practical.You can save the publication as a favorite in your browser, send yourself to a tweet by private message, or simply like the tweet, but in this case, forget all anonymity. Fortunately, to meet the many demands, Twitter is finally working on a way to save tweets for later.

Save your tweets for later
It’s on the occasion of the annual Hack Weak internal that the project of a Bookmark function was initiated. While the function is still far from official, it is well advanced, as product manager Jesar Shah showed on his own Twitter account. On a short video, you can see that the current private message send icon will be replaced with a menu to save a tweet, which will be found later in a dedicated section.

Of course, the arrival of the function of saving the tweets may not be for right away. But Twitter developers seem to be motivated to bring this innovation and invites interested users to make them feedback to offer a highly accomplished feature.

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