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Wait until 2019 to buy a MacBook Pro

All the rumors suggest that Apple will not present any new model of MacBook Pro throughout the year 2018. If you were waiting for the apple company to update this team’s line this year … maybe this news will disappoint you a little.

Apparently, Foxconn has received a lot of MacBook orders from Apple. The Cupertino company has diverted its traditional route from the supply chain that usually goes through Quanta Computers.

Despite this, Quanta Computers will remain the largest supplier of MacBook to Apple in 2018. But Foxconn has managed to get a high percentage of these orders.

This change, as they say from iPhone Hacks, suggests that Apple does not intend to offer a new model of MacBook through 2018. So we will have to wait until 2019.

MacBook Pro

“The sources reveal that Foxconn has been working aggressively to obtain more orders of MacBook from Apple during the last years by offering some suggestive quotas. Apple has not introduced a major update to its MacBook products since the launch of MacBook Pro devices in late 2016 and has no plans to do so by 2018. “

Thus, changes in the supply chain of the MacBooks line will help Apple reduce risks and save costs. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Quanta Computers is also responsible for the assembly of the Apple Watch and is working on smart glasses for augmented reality helmets for Apple.

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The next generation of MacBooks could have much more powerful Intel processors, with Vega GPU and HMB2 memory. We are talking about a rumor, but it is very likely that we have to wait until 2019 to see it.

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