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Wayout is the next minimalist puzzler from the creators of Neo Angle and Blyss

The creators of Neo Angle and Blyss is now putting forward his new app Wayout.The Gameplay Teaser of Wayout is released on youtube and now you can enjoy it.Wayout is a minimalist puzzle app which is soon launched on Google play store and App Store.Basically, Blyss is the endless puzzle adventure along with musical ambient themes will keep you hooked for hours as you write your own high scoring saga.In Blyss you have to Travel through Beautiful mountains, serene valleys and harsh deserts solving Blyss’ unique and self-evolving puzzles.

Neo Angle is a minimalistic puzzle game inspired by retro visuals, neon art style, and 80s Synth music. Groove to the nostalgic chilled out synth track and guide Neo through complicated mazes in a neon filled world.The fun in Neo Angle is in the constant frustration. If you’re someone who loves Sudoku, logic puzzles, crosswords or taking IQ tests recreationally, Neo Angle is a fast way to exercise your geospatial reasoning.

Wayout game

Now we can predict that the Wayout is also such an exciting app and we all are really looking forward to this app.Wayout is expected to release soon on iOS and Android; we’ll keep you updated on dates and price as more details appear.

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