A curved screen would also be less prone to scratching when it is placed for example on a table because the entire surface of the device would not be in contact with the table, just the edges. He would also be less sensitive to breakage when he falls to the ground.

iPhone curved screeen

A curved iPhone could also help to provide a better browsing experience for users, especially when it comes to using the smartphone with one hand because the finger could reach the top of the screen faster, while it is physically impossible for some people with a flat screen.

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This curved screen would also help to make the Face ID compatible with flat surfaces, i.e that the sensors could be oriented towards the face of the user even when the iPhone is lying flat on a table, thus avoiding the user to take it in hand to unlock its device one consult messages.

Finally, we can also mention the fact that a curved TV screen offers a better immersion in a film because covering a larger part of the field of vision of a human, and it could be the same thing to a lesser extent for a smartphone, especially on an iPhone X Plus.