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What is Tumblr: Know its 7 basic characteristics

Just as there are perfect social networks to connect with friends and family in private circles, there is also a group of blogs and social microblogs that are designed to upload photos, videos and also share information with friends and followers. One of the most popular platforms of this type is called Tumblr. If you have heard about it and its blogs, but do not know what they are, this article will explain what Tumblr is, what are its features and its advantages.

 This way, the next time you want to share something – like a picture or an interesting song – you will not have to do it only on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to name just a few popular networks. You can also do it on Tumblr and take advantage of its many advantages and characteristics that distinguish it, which you will know below.
What is Tumblr

What is Tumblr?

To begin, you can define Tumblr as a platform to create social microblogs, where you can publish texts, images, videos, appointments, links, audio files and chat conversations.

Basic features of Tumblr:

  • It allows easily create blogs with a great visual appeal.
    These are ideal for those interested in photography, videos, and animations. It also makes them ideal platforms for brands and companies that wish to visually highlight their products or services offered.
  • It has attractive templates and designs.
    Tumblr users can choose from different templates, many of which stand out for their careful design and originality. The vast majority of them are free, although there are some of the Premium types that have an associated cost. And if you dare, you can create a custom made by modifying the source code of your blog.
  • It can be integrated with other networks and social applications.
    For those who use more than one social network, Tumblr allows you to share the updates that have been published on this network to other networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you have an account on Instagram it is possible to share your photos in that photographic application with Tumblr.
  • Publish updates quickly.
    Publications on Tumblr are highlighted by the speed with which they can be created and shared. This happens not only in its web version but also in the Tumblr mobile application.
  • Accepts the publication of animated images in GIF format.
    Unlike animations in Flash format, images in GIF format can be seen on mobile devices that do not reproduce Flash files, such as iPhones and iPads.
  • Updates can contain tags.
    On Tumblr, you can include tags, or tags, in each of the updates that are published. These work in a similar way to hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. In this way, they can be easily found by those who search using those words.
  • It’s easy to share updates from other people.
    With just a few clicks it’s possible to republish an update that belongs to someone else. In this way, it is easy to get the same image or text seen by a greater number of people.
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These and other features have helped to quickly popularize this social blog platform. And as millions of people already have their blog on Tumblr, various brands and organizations have created their own on this network.
No matter what your end, you can also use Tumblr to connect with other people, promote your work or get closer to your followers.

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