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WhatsApp officially introduces Business News

WhatsApp is preparing to monetize its email application to allow businesses to communicate with their customers via the commercial service officially introduced today.

The commercial solution will allow companies to “provide customers with useful notifications such as flight delays, delivery confirmation, and other updates.” The service will also allow customers to quickly order a pizza or watch the novelties of a clothing store. The same traders will be able to use Business News to keep in touch with hundreds of customers directly from a smartphone.

WhatsApp officially introduces Business News

WhatsApp has not yet detailed the cost of this service, but it is likely that only companies will pay to handle large volumes of messages. There will also be payment options related to artificial intelligence and e-commerce transactions that can be realized on WhatsApp.

All business accounts will be verified and certified by WhatsApp and will be represented by a green color icon inside the application. Users will be able to block an unwanted company or “spam” at any time.

WhatsApp is also considering creating a kind of search engine that will allow users to add companies by which they wish to be contacted. First of all, the company will have to be contacted by the client to start sending messages to him.

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