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WhatsApp Plus Who reviews your profile?

WhatsApp is the most used application in the world to send and receive instant messages, we all know that. You may like it or not like it, but the truth is that in one way or another you have to end up using that application.

But in case you do not like the original app, there is always the possibility of using a very well designed MOD called WhatsApp Plus, which has an interesting number of options to take into account with which you can have many advantages that with the application original you did not have.

WhatsApp Plus Who reviews your profile

Who reviews your profile?

For example, if you want to know in WhatsApp Plus who reviews your profile, that is totally possible and you even have notifications to know when this happens.

How can it be done? No need to download any additional application or anything similar, you have everything in WhatsApp Plus, since one of the options that are disabled by default is thanks to which we will be able to know in WhatsApp Plus who reviews your profile.

We will go to Online Contact, after that, we will see two options, the one that really interests us is the first one that says ” Sample Toast Contact ” we mark this and select a warning tone for the option below.

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For what? Because when someone reviews your profile you will receive a notification of this, so at all times you will know exactly when someone wants to look at something in your WhatsApp Plus profile.

As you can see it is a simple trick for WhatsApp Plus that does not need to download any kind of extra application or give rare permissions to other apps in question, only with the application that you were already using you will be able to know perfectly who decides to look a bit your profile, who is that curious person who cannot stop seeing your photos or when you are online.

We invite you to enjoy this article and leave us a comment with any questions you have a little below about WhatsApp Plus and who reviews your profile.

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