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With this trick put your screen in black and white

Apart night mode incorporating many phone models, with a more pleasing to the eye shade is achieved, you can also put your screen in black and white. We teach you to activate it.

With this trick put your screen in black and white

The way grayscale, black and white, monochrome or “color blindness” is a form of modular screen that is somewhat hidden between the settings of your smartphone. This mode not only a different appearance of the screen and interface is achieved, you can also save energy in models with OLED panels and bounce, lighten the eyestrain and distraction. Have you got curious? If you do not know this feature you’ll want to activate it .

Activating the screen in black and white on your Android:

As I said, this option is hidden within the settings. No current settings, but those found within the developer options. In this section we can modify many parameters of our device allowing to save energy or give more power, as previously published.

This feature is striking because it eliminates all the colors of the screen moving shapes, icons and objects for monochrome filter. Come on , as if enchufar the smartphone to an old black and white television. Interested? Let ‘s see how to activate it .

  • The first is to enter the developer options. To do this, go to your Android Settings / About device and press 10 times on “Build number.” You’ll see that you get the congratulations on becoming a developer (I wish it were that easy).
  • Exit the menu and you’ll see a new one appeared: “Developer options.” Or a similar name.
  • Sign in and search “Simulate color space”. Inside you will see several options, depending on your model.
  • Achromatopsia or Monocromatic, are the two common ways in which you will see the option to put the screen in black and white. Activate it.
  • Once you’ve enabled, you’ll see how the color of your device disappears. To reverse the change you should just go back to “Simulate color space” and press None.
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This functionality does not go much beyond give a curious tone phone use, but the truth is that itfacilitates use in low – light situations. By its design, also should allow saving OLED screens .

Android can modify the screen background:

With this trick put your screen in black and white

Besides simulate color spaces you can also vary the temperature of the screen in a variety of devices (from the settings screen). There is even the option of adopting other color models, such as RGB and NTSC. Also vary the density of pixels in the latest versions of Android, all oriented to the user having the key to customizing your device.

Already you know this simple way to put the screen in black and white? If only by curiosity, worth a try.

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