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Would you buy these expensive iPhone X luxury with gold and diamonds?

Lack little, very little, for the official launch of the iPhone X from Apple. The company will start marketing its 10th-anniversary smartphone starting November 3. There’s just one week left.

Surely many of you, you will want to go to your nearest Apple Store and purchase the iPhone X to enjoy your amazing OLED screen, its augmented reality, facial recognition and Animojis as soon as possible.

But maybe you have enough money to go one step further, and that the iPhone X is already expensive by itself … Maybe you prefer to opt for a more eye-catching color or more exclusive decorations … like the iPhone X luxury models of the company Legend.It is not the first time we see how a company is dedicated to customizing luxury smartphones. We already saw how the same thing happened with an iPhone 7 Diamond and with an iPhone X Gold Edition, two models bathed in gold and diamonds. The Top Free iPhone X Games.

iPhone X Aurum:

iPhone X luxury

This model plated with a thick layer of 24 karat gold has the Apple logo carved by hand. In addition, it is decorated with a gold edge of 18 karats. Its design can be customized with a VVS1 Diamond backlit logo, with precious alternative metal and solid 18-carat gold monograms. Crazy, go. Even the EarPods are bathed in 24 karat gold.iPhone 8 Plus: already six cases of battery swelling.

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Price: € 2,950.

iPhone X luxury

iPhone X Classique:

iPhone X luxury

The iPhone X Classique has a unique, more traditional touch. It has diamonds that light up when the device is in use and its brightness can be adjusted. Several diamond colors can be used for the logo.

Price: € 3,305.

iPhone X Lu:

iPhone X luxury

And to finish this model is specially designed following the culture of China. It has a dragon in the central part and all kinds of Asian-style decorations. The eyes of the dragon are carved by hand with red diamonds. Of course, its design is bathed in 24 karat gold.

Price: € 3,608.

From Legend also sell other models with different designs, and costs are very similar. Each smartphone has a standard storage capacity of 256 GB and customers can additionally order a luxury presentation box.

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